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Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
a michael jordan burger promotion in 1992. he has a warning for buyer, you may want to listen. >> i wouldn't want to open it up and invite my friends over and say well, we're going to -- we're going to celebrate and have some ribs with some 20- year-old barbecue sauce. probably wouldn't make me very popular with my friends. >> he thinks the bottle of sauce the last of its kind in existence. the mcjordan sauce expired back in december 1992. the winning bidder came from -- anyone want to guess? anyone? a jordan fan from chicago, illinois. $10,000. for a bottle of expire barbecue sauce. >>> you've seen stunts on cars and skateboards and even with sky divers but take a look at this. a bit later we're going to explain how this airliner ended up popping a wheelie and no it was not done on purpose. >> looking to get away for the weekend but you're short on cash? abc2 news works for you with tips on how to travel on a tight budget. >>> and you remember the housing bubble? well, what about the student debt bubble? we've got new numbers this morning on the amount students owe once they get out of co
Oct 1, 2012 2:30pm EDT
. >> via skype right this minute, nicole and her daughter jordan. >> what was this moment like? >> i dreamed about it for so long. to actually have it actually happen, it was surreal. >> do you remember being kidnapped? >> i do. the woman was very nice to me. why are you crying? i said because my brother's left me. those words haunted me all of these years. i thought, did she think i was aband abandoned? my mother had a vending booth, with ear and eye shot. went looking for me. at this point i was already gone. >> do you feel like you have two big families now? >> everybody's been so gracious and loving on both sides. it's made it a really wonderful experience. >> now, one of the people that helped make this reunion happen is marcella from seacolombia travel. why did you want to help her find her family? >> i have a 10-month-old daughter. when nicole started sharing her story with me it went straight to my heart. >> oh! [ applause ] >>> "right thiuncovered the misl grow that absolutely chilling story i brought you last week out of kiev in the ukraine. refresh your memory. a guy picke
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. james davon holden jordan, baby tie, anaya nora scott, middle -- kenneth stewart the third, -- no angel. all died october 11 in the arms of their grandmother, nancy try to save them from their bur home. they remember their mother is a giving woman who was willing to do anything to protect the little ones. >> when a child guidance the communities diminished. when fourguys and a world is truly a lesser place. the loss is overwhelming, but healing does come. for those who believe there's something higher, healing will come eventually through grace. >> k-d [ music ] >> all five were buried together at delaney memorial gardens. investigation of the cause of the fire is still ongoing tonight. >>> we are learning more about what the investigators found that the pharmacy that -- nationwide meningitis outbreak. it was found in an open vials of medication. the massachusetts company the center in the outbreak has taken 250 people and killed 20 including one person from our state. >>> old wounds are open today for some former boy scouts. the organization released the release the names of more tha
Oct 18, 2012 4:55am EDT
when he put the sauce on ebay. he seayed sauce after -- saved the sauce after a michael jordan promotion in 1992. he thinks the bottle is the last of his kind but doesn't recommend the buyer use it on the foot. >>> it's getting to show off the costumes to their classmates parading around the school and eating candy is having a good time. but not in seattle. the staff voted to not allow children to wear their costumes this year. some parents thought it was the kids who were playing a trick on them. >> i was very disappointed when that actually thought that my daughter misunderstood the rule. i was a bit shocked really. >> she was a little upset. i said are you excited to wear your costume? she was like my teacher said we can't. i was like what? >> school officials canceled the parade because classes get owl early that day and teaches want to spend as much time as possible in their classroom to get the kids educated. len et? >> don't ask me. >> when's the last time you dressed up for halloween? >> last year. >> what did you go as? >> i'll tell you later. we have temperatures that
Oct 22, 2012 2:05am EDT
not said if the gunman's wife is among those shot. >>> major terror arrest in jordan. jourdardanian security forces s they foiled an al qaeda plot to bomb shopping centers and assassinate western diplomats. 11 terror suspects have been arrested in connection with the plot. officials say the men brought in weapons from neighboring syria and were also getting help from iraq. jordan is a key u.s. ally in the region. >>> for weeks we have been hearing rumors that former cuban leader fidel castro was seriously ill or even possibly dead. then, this photo surfaced showing the aging strongman, sporting a checked shirt and straw hat outside a havana hotel after meeting with former vice president of venezuela. his first public appearance in months. castro gave up his former leadership six years ago. >>> history was made at the vatican this weekend as the pope named the first native american saint. born in upstate new york in 1656. among those attending the ceremony, a 12-year-old boy from washington who said prayers to her miraculously saved his life. >> that was when i met god, just standing
Oct 24, 2012 12:00am EDT
"jerry maguire" and hoyt the detective from "crossing jordan." now, he faces his greatest challenge yet as herman, the munster in the new halloween special "mockingbird lane." it airs friday at 8:00 on nbc. please say hello to jerry o'connell. [ cheers and applause ] how you doing? >> thank you. >> jimmy: you look very handsome. >> i feel very handsome. i want to thank you, a lot of people say fat kid from "stand by me" you said husky. >> jimmy: husky is a different thing. >> i think i was husky. most people on the street yell fat kid from "stand by me," they think differently. >> jimmy: people are great, aren't they? >> especially in l.a., where they're driving by. say it to my face. >> jimmy: did you meet prince backstage? >> like everybody else, love prince. if you can play a album on desert album "desert rainpurple it. i was in college in chicago, a club, the limelight on sixth avenue with a couple dopey friends and prince was at the club sitting in a corner with a grouch bodygua group of body guards. my dumb friends are like we have to meet them. i'm like, no, you're drunk, stop it
Oct 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
see here planned to attack shopping malls and assassinate u.s. and british diplomats in jordan. they say the suspects smuggled explosives into the country from neighboring syria which is in the midst of a bloody civil war. that civil war also spilling into lebanon, violent crashes between sunni and shiite groups there erupted today. with the killing of a top intelligence official which many claim was carried out by the syrian regime. >>> meanwhile, new photos of fidel castro appear to contradict rumors that he's on his deathbed. one shows him reading a friday newspaper. it was published by castro in which the 86-year-old brags he doesn't even suffer from headaches these days. >>> and a horrific attack in california. a man threw a molotov cocktail to another man, you'll see him as he runs from the scene. he did survive, thanks to people nearby as he helps to put out the flames. a frantic mother raised to get her baby's stroller away from that just in time. we'll have updates as news warrant. >>> and tonight it will not just be "monday night football" competing on tv with the pre
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7